The true story of Kirsten Heiberg.

There are many myths about German actors from the Nazi era.

On this site you will find a presentation of the story of one of them, the Norwegian/German actress Kirsten Heiberg. She was a major star in German film industry from 1938 until 1954.  She acted in several Nazi propaganda films and was the femme fatale of German film under the rule of Joseph Goebbels. Kirsten Heiberg claimed after the war that she was black listed by Goebbels for having critisized Germany's invasion of Norway and for not joining the Nazi party.

Is this true or false?

Was she a Nazi opponent, an innocent but "useful idiot" for Goebbels - or even a supporter of the Third Reich?

In the book "Glamour for Goebbels", the answers to these questions are revealed for the first time, based on solid research of German sources throughout several years.


The historical biography Glamour for Goebbels.

The book was published in Norwegian in the beginning of November 2014. The writer Bjorn-Erik Hanssen, is also responsible for this site.

One critic says about the book:


"The idea behind the complex work with this book, and the attempt to answer the question of who Kirsten Heiberg really was, has basically been to create an alternative image to the multitude of stories about Heiberg’s life, career and attitudes. In aspects where the narrative of Kirsten Heiberg has been dominated by concealments and attempts to cover up the story, Hanssen wants to uncover and ask questions. He wants to remove the veil. This makes the biography Glamour for Goebbels – the story of Kirsten Heiberg to something more than a book about an exciting and shifting life, but also a discussion about conveying history and historical consciousness."

Professor Gunnar Iversen, in Journal of Norwegian Media (Norsk Mediatidsskrift) no 1 2015.


"As a star at approximately 5.000 cinemas, while the same number of German artists fled from the Hitler government, Heiberg is happy with a relatively empty «celebrety life». In revealing this contrary and politically unconscious primadonna life the author is at his best. (-) The most intelligent aspect of this book, is the fact that it consequently sticks to its cultural «grip»."

Johan O. Jensen in Adresseavisen, Trondheim, Norway 10.11.14


"The book is really a very exciting and radical piece of documentary, to which we have been looking forward for a long time in this country."

John Hollen, author/playwright, Stavanger, Norway


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