Kirsten Heiberg's "Rattenfänger-Serenade" - resistance song or war propaganda? (In German)

29/11/2017 12:56
In the autumn of 1941 Kirsten Heiberg entered a studio in Berlin to record her new song "Rattenfänger-Serenade". This song has later, aften the war, been used to prove that Kirsten Heiberg was against the Nazi government. The song tells the story of how the rat catcher (Hitler) fooled the children...

The role of the Norwegian actress Kirsten Heiberg in German and Norwegian Nazi propaganda 1938 - 45

04/10/2015 21:12
Here you can find the lecture held by Bjorn-Erik Hanssen at Falstad Memorial Centre October the 2nd 2015 during "Falstad Film Days":

Kirsten Heiberg is history's first sperm donor operetta...

03/06/2015 12:40
Read what the web site Operetta Research Center says. Follow the link:

The book Glamour for Goebbels

12/10/2014 02:26
The historical biography was published in Norwegian language November the 3rd, 2014, by Aschehoug Publishing House.   The beautiful and talented actress Kirsten Heiberg had already made a name for herself in Norwegian and Swedish theatre and film when she, at the age of 30, went to Vienna...