Syndere i sommersol.(Sinners in summertime) Directed by: Einar Sissener, Norsk Talefilmproduksjon, Norway 1934.

Sangen om Rondane. (Song of Rondane) Directed by: Helge Lunde, Viking Film, Norway 1934.

Du har lovet mig en kone.  (You promised me a wife) Directed by: Einar Sissener, Kommunenes Filmcentral/Tancred Ibsen, Norway 1935.

Han, hon och pengarna. (He, she and the money) Directed by: Anders Henrikson, Svensk Filmindustri, Sweden 1936.

Ryska snuvan.  (Russian flu) Directed by: Gustav Edgren, Svensk Filmindustri, Sweden 1937.

O, en så’n natt.  (Oh, what a night) Directed by: Anders Henrikson, Fribergs Filmbyrå, Sweden 1937.

Napoleon ist an allem Schuld.  (Napoleon is to blame for it all) Directed by: Curt Goetz, Tobis Filmkunst, Germany 1938.

Frauen für Golden Hill. (Women to Golden Hill) Directed by: Erich Waschneck, Fanal-Film/UFA, Germany 1938.

Der Singende Tor (The singing fool). Directed by: Johannes Meyer, Itala- Film, Italy/Germany 1939.

Der Trichter (Nr. 3.) (The Funnel) (Kulturfilm/documentary 17. min.) Directed by: Franz Schröder, Germany 1939.

Alarm auf Station III (Alarm at Station III). Directed by: Phillip Lothar Mayring, Terra Filmkunst, Germany 1939.

Achtung! Feind hört mit! (Careful! The enemy is listening!) Directed by: Arthur Maria Rabenalt, Terra Filmkunst, Germany 1940.

Falschmünzer (Counterfeiters) Directed by: Hermann Pfeiffer, Terra Filmkunst, Germany 1940.

Titanic. Directed by: Herbert Selpin/Werner Klingler, Tobis Filmkunst, Germany 1943.

Liebespremiere. (Love Premiere) Directed by: Arthur Maria Rabenalt, Terra Filmkunst, Germany 1943.

Die goldene Spinne. (The golden Spider) Directed by: Erich Engels, Terra Filmkunst, Germany 1943.

Philharmoniker (Philharmonics). Directed by: Paul Verhoeven, Tobis Filmkunst, Germany 1944.

Die schwarze Robe. (The black Robe) Directed by: Fritz Peter Buch, Berlin-Film, Germany 1944.

Eines Tages. (Some day) Directed by: Fritz Kirchhoff, Berlin-Film, Germany 1945.

Rätsel der Nacht. (Mystery of the night) Directed by: Johannes Meyer, Berlin-Film, Germany 1945.

Hafenmelodie. (Song of the harbour) Directed by: Hans Müller, Real-Film, Germany (BRD)1949.

Amico. Directed by: Gerhard T. Buchholz, Hans Domnick Filmproduktion, Germany (BRD) 1949

Furioso. Directed by: Johannes Meyer, Rondo-Film, Germany (BRD) 1950.

Bei Dir war es immer so schön. (At your place it was always so nice) Directed by: Hans Wolff, Fono-

Film, Germany (BRD) 1954.

Broder Gabrielsen. (Brother Gabrielsen) Directed by: Nils R. Müller, NRM Film, Norway 1966.

     Eiszeit (Ice age) Directed by: Peter Zadek, Norsk Film/Polyphon Film-und Fernsehgesellschaft, Germany (BRD) 1975.