"Some day" - an overwhelming feeling of melancholy

06/11/2015 10:56

In "Eines Tages" ("Some day") it seems as if the Nazi film industry was struggling with certain problems, related to the message it should present to the German people. The film premiered in Berlin February 26th 1945. The German people was tired of the war, and Goebbels realized that the Germans had to gather strength from entertainment and relaxation. "Eines Tages" is a bittersweet love story, in which the not quite young woman Bettina Pahlen, played by Magda Schneider, falls in love with the lady's man Stefan Görner, (Richard Häussler). Kirsten Heiberg plays his mistress. Stefan Görner represents passion in the film, "what gives life verve", as he puts it. But Bettina Pahlen still chooses the safe, and boring, type of man in the shape of her collegue Fritz Ruhland (Rolf Weih). In the end, however, she changes her mind, and goes for passion in life, read: the desperate defence of Nazi Germany. In "Eines Tages" this subtle message is still overshadowed by the overwhelming feeling of melancholy. People, in the film industry as well as elswhere, no longer believes in big words and promises of eternal happiness. Kirsten Heiberg's song in the beginning of the film sets the atmosphere: What is she going to do? "I stand alone in this big, wide world, which every day is asking me new questions." 

Song: "Ich steh' allein in dieser großen Welt":


The full movie here:                                                                                                                                                  www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA_TF3EEkRk

The poster hails from the post war period when "Eines Tages" was among very few of Kirsten Heiberg's films that was allowed by the allies to be shown on German cinemas.

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