"Careful! The enemy is listening!"

21/05/2015 21:58

"Achtung! Feind hört mit!" was Kirsten Heiberg's first film as a full member of the Reichsfilmkammer, a membership she obtained April 5th 1940. For her previous films she had signed special contracts, for which the film companies had to get a special permission from Goebbel's ministry. This new film was a spy movie, being produced as part of a big campaign aginst enemy, especially British, espionage. Kirsten Heiberg acts as Lily, the English owner of a fashion boutique, which is used as a cover for the real business: To get hold of military secrets from a factory producing important steel wires for the Wehrmacht. One of Germany's leading directors, Arthur Maria Rabenalt, was called in to direct the film. He kept it in a strictly realistic style, with no romantic flair about it. At the end of the film, the spies are caught, and the Germans who have cooperated with them are being executed.

You can watch the whole film here:


"Careful! The enemy is listening!"

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