"Die goldene Spinne" - The golden Spider

07/11/2014 14:27

Kirsten Heiberg's follow-up to "Liebespremiere"  was the spy film "Die goldene Spinne", also from 1943. The film was made to warn the Germans against espionage from the Soviet Union, and Kirsten acted as the Russian agent Lisawetha Rusjkin. Together with the fawning mr. Smirnoff  she infiltrates the German armour factory "die Kattenbeckwerke" where tanks are being produced.

The German population started to get tired of the war, and the film was therefore presented as a thriller. The cinema owners were asked "not to reveal the good intentions of the film". In the scene in the clip below, Lisawetha Rusjkin has got a job as a cabaret singer under the name of Agnes Jordan. Her aim is to seduce engineer RĂ¼diger, sitting in the first row in the theatre, played by Rolf Weih. In this way she can get hold of the military sectrets.



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