Initiated by the Gestapo

13/03/2017 22:34

In 1939 all German police forces were directed under the command of Heinrich Himmler and the SS. Himmler was also leading the Gestapo and initiated the making of a film that should demonstrate the effieciency of this new and efficient police force. The film was the crime story "Falschmünzer", ("Counterfeinters"), and the script was written by the Norwegian Per Schwensen, who formerly had written the scripts for a row of films in Germany. His brother, Harald Schwensen, was chairman of the Norwegian Union of Actors, and was imprisoned in Norway as the responsible leader of Norwegian actors' resistance against the new Nazi theatre policy.

Kirsten Heiberg played the female lead in "Falschmünzer", her male antagonist was taken care of by Rudolf Fernau, a member of the NSDAP since many years. The story revolves around the activities of a gang of counterfeinters based in Switzerland, producing false German Marks. Characters as well as the story itself are based on clichés, and the film is never particularely exciting. Joseph Goebbels didn't like the film very much and wrote in his diary: "Bad, because it is too preachy. "

The song, which Kirsten Heiberg performs in the beginning of the film, had lyrics also written by Per Schwensen.