Kirsten Heiberg's last film under the rule of Joseph Goebbels

21/11/2014 16:05

"Rätsel der Nacht", (Mystery of the night) became Kirsten Heiberg's last film under the film regime of Joseph Goebbels. The sound mix was never finished, what we see in this clip, is the unfinished playback added to the scenes. The film is a mix of love drama and crime, the contence very much influenced by the fact that no one in the German film business believes in "the final victory" any more. The message can hardly be seen, if it shouldn't happen to be the last sentence of a certain professor Schott before he dies from a cup of poisened tea: "Work is the only true value in life." "Rätsel der Nacht"  never made it to the white screen before the Russians conquered Berlin.