"Love Premiere" - German 1943 feelgood movie

24/10/2014 17:41

The film clip below comes from Kirsten Heiberg's film "Love Premiere" from 1943. The film premiered in Berlin at Tauenzien-Palast 24th of August, it was also shown in Pankow. The day before, Berlin was the target for one of the most devastating bomb attacks during the war. A lot of fires were still burning, the town was covered by thick clouds of smoke; in the streets people were sitting in what was left of their furniture, unexploded bombs were destroyed and exploded, houses evacuated - and in the cinemas "Love Premiere" was running. The visitors were not so many as they could have been, many film enthusiasts did not reach the cinemas because of bombed out streets and destroyed tram tracks. The film is pure entertainment – or is it?

Kirsten Heiberg performs as the “free woman” who wants to marry a man to get a child and then divorce. Her wild plans are, however, put to an end.


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