Promoting the "Volksgemeinschaft" (People's community)

22/10/2014 15:49

In her second German film from 1938, Kirsten Heiberg plunged into the promotion of Hitler's "Volksgemeinschaft". "Frauen für Golden Hill" (Women to Golden Hill) shows how a bunch of gold diggers in Australia write a letter to the authorities to have women sent to their poor gold digging community. The women do go there, but there is one too little, and two former pilots starts to fight about the last one, the cabaret singer Violet, played by Kirsten Heiberg. Still, the women have a positive influence on the men; they contribute to the cleansing of the community, as a parallell to what happened in the Third Reich, after the decline of the Weimar republic. Even Violet, the "dangerous woman", is converted into "a gentle comrade". In this clip, we see her as the still decadent character.