"The singing Fool"

24/09/2015 12:03

Kirsten Heiberg was probably very happy to get the chance to act against the famous opera singer Beniamino Gigli in her next film. This happened in "Der singende Tor", ("The Singing Fool") in 1939. The film was shot in Cinecitta, Rome, in German, later dubbed to Italian for the domestic market. Kirsten Heiberg portrayed Maria, the wife of the opera singer Carlo Franchetti. He is accused of having murdered the American musical produducer James Kennedy, and Maria witnesses in court to prove that her husband is innocent. "The singing Fool" is basically entertainment. But this so called "courtroom film", a kind of genre that was popular in Germany already during the Weimar Republic, has some political undertones, showing that the juridical system in The Third Reich was built on equality, justice and order!

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