"Die goldene Spinne" - The golden Spider

07/11/2014 14:27
Kirsten Heiberg's follow-up to "Liebespremiere"  was the spy film "Die goldene Spinne", also from 1943. The film was made to warn the Germans against espionage from the Soviet Union, and Kirsten acted as the Russian agent Lisawetha Rusjkin. Together with the fawning mr. Smirnoff  she...

"Some day" - an overwhelming feeling of melancholy

06/11/2015 10:56
In "Eines Tages" ("Some day") it seems as if the Nazi film industry was struggling with certain problems, related to the message it should present to the German people. The film premiered in Berlin February 26th 1945. The German people was tired of the war, and Goebbels realized that the Germans...

Kirsten Heiberg's last film under the rule of Joseph Goebbels

21/11/2014 16:05
"R├Ątsel der Nacht", (Mystery of the night) became Kirsten Heiberg's last film under the film regime of Joseph Goebbels. The sound mix was never finished, what we see in this clip, is the unfinished playback added to the scenes. The film is a mix of love drama and crime, the contence very much...

Kirsten Heiberg's post war films

17/12/2014 13:37
Kirsten Heiberg still had a name in German film after the war. The German film industry was, however, still strongly influenced by nazism, most of its staff members had their background from the 12 years of service under Joseph Goebbels. What they were able to do, was creating melodramas with a...
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