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Kirsten Heiberg's "Rattenfänger-Serenade" - resistance song or war propaganda? (In German)

29/11/2017 12:56
In the autumn of 1941 Kirsten Heiberg entered a studio in Berlin to record her new song "Rattenfänger-Serenade". This song has later, aften the war, been used to prove that Kirsten Heiberg was against the Nazi government. The song tells the story of how the rat catcher (Hitler) fooled the children...

Initiated by the Gestapo

13/03/2017 22:34
In 1939 all German police forces were directed under the command of Heinrich Himmler and the SS. Himmler was also leading the Gestapo and initiated the making of a film that should demonstrate the effieciency of this new and efficient police force. The film was the crime story "Falschmünzer",...

"Some day" - an overwhelming feeling of melancholy

06/11/2015 10:56
In "Eines Tages" ("Some day") it seems as if the Nazi film industry was struggling with certain problems, related to the message it should present to the German people. The film premiered in Berlin February 26th 1945. The German people was tired of the war, and Goebbels realized that the Germans...

The role of the Norwegian actress Kirsten Heiberg in German and Norwegian Nazi propaganda 1938 - 45

04/10/2015 21:12
Here you can find the lecture held by Bjorn-Erik Hanssen at Falstad Memorial Centre October the 2nd 2015 during "Falstad Film Days":

"The singing Fool"

24/09/2015 12:03
Kirsten Heiberg was probably very happy to get the chance to act against the famous opera singer Beniamino Gigli in her next film. This happened in "Der singende Tor", ("The Singing Fool") in 1939. The film was shot in Cinecitta, Rome, in German, later dubbed to Italian for the domestic market....

"Alarm auf Station III"

23/09/2015 12:42
With "Women to Golden Hill", Kirsten Heiberg had involved herself in the Nazi propaganda. This would in many ways become her choice in life - and fate. She continued in the same fashion with her next film, "Alarm auf Station III". This is, as it seems at first glance,  a crime movie. But if...

Kirsten Heiberg is history's first sperm donor operetta...

03/06/2015 12:40
Read what the web site Operetta Research Center says. Follow the link:

"Titanic" - the breakthrough stopped by Goebbels

02/06/2015 22:13
"Titanic" was supposed to become the definate breakthrough for Kirsten Heiberg - as one of the leading film divas in Nazi Germany. The film was an enormous and prestigeous project for Joseph Goebbels, with a price of 4 million Reichsmark, corresponding to a sum of £ 100 millions in today's value....

"Careful! The enemy is listening!"

21/05/2015 21:58
"Achtung! Feind hört mit!" was Kirsten Heiberg's first film as a full member of the Reichsfilmkammer, a membership she obtained April 5th 1940. For her previous films she had signed special contracts, for which the film companies had to get a special permission from Goebbel's ministry. This new...

Kirsten Heiberg's post war films

17/12/2014 13:37
Kirsten Heiberg still had a name in German film after the war. The German film industry was, however, still strongly influenced by nazism, most of its staff members had their background from the 12 years of service under Joseph Goebbels. What they were able to do, was creating melodramas with a...
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