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Kirsten Heiberg's last film under the rule of Joseph Goebbels

21/11/2014 16:05
"Rätsel der Nacht", (Mystery of the night) became Kirsten Heiberg's last film under the film regime of Joseph Goebbels. The sound mix was never finished, what we see in this clip, is the unfinished playback added to the scenes. The film is a mix of love drama and crime, the contence very much...

"Die goldene Spinne" - The golden Spider

07/11/2014 14:27
Kirsten Heiberg's follow-up to "Liebespremiere"  was the spy film "Die goldene Spinne", also from 1943. The film was made to warn the Germans against espionage from the Soviet Union, and Kirsten acted as the Russian agent Lisawetha Rusjkin. Together with the fawning mr. Smirnoff  she...

"Love Premiere" - German 1943 feelgood movie

24/10/2014 17:41
The film clip below comes from Kirsten Heiberg's film "Love Premiere" from 1943. The film premiered in Berlin at Tauenzien-Palast 24th of August, it was also shown in Pankow. The day before, Berlin was the target for one of the most devastating bomb attacks during the war. A lot of fires were still...

Promoting the "Volksgemeinschaft" (People's community)

22/10/2014 15:49
In her second German film from 1938, Kirsten Heiberg plunged into the promotion of Hitler's "Volksgemeinschaft". "Frauen für Golden Hill" (Women to Golden Hill) shows how a bunch of gold diggers in Australia write a letter to the authorities to have women sent to their poor gold digging community....

Kirsten Heiberg's first German film

17/10/2014 22:14
"Napoleon ist an allem Schuld" (Napoleon is to blame for it all) from 1938 is Kirsten Heiberg's German debut film. It was directed and written by the comedian Curt Goetz, who also played the main part. Curt Goetz was in control of the most important functions in the film, and in this way, Goetz...

Kirsten Heiberg's Swedish film debut

15/10/2014 13:25
In her Swedish film debut, "He, she and the money", a comedy from 1936, Kirsten Heiberg acts as the secretary Rita Perkins who works in a publishing house. Here, the accountant has some fishy plans which are discovered by Rita. She teams up with the heir and working boss of the company to fight the...

The book Glamour for Goebbels

12/10/2014 02:26
The historical biography was published in Norwegian language November the 3rd, 2014, by Aschehoug Publishing House.   The beautiful and talented actress Kirsten Heiberg had already made a name for herself in Norwegian and Swedish theatre and film when she, at the age of 30, went to Vienna...

From Kirsten Heiberg's early career

10/10/2014 23:16
Today we start a chronological tour based on Kirsten Heiberg's career. We will look at film clips, film posters and extracts from different reviews. We'll start at the beginning of the 1930s.                            ...
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